Incredible Latina mom rescues hundreds of sex slaves in a crusade to save her daughter

When her then 23-year-old daughter was abducted on her way to a doctor's appointment and forced into sex slavery, 58-year-old Susana Trimarco decided to do something about it. The former housewife, who at that point barely paid attention to the news, launched her own investigation into the underbelly of Argentine brothels after police barely tried to find out what happened to her daughter. Since then, she's won numerous honors for her dedication to rescuing sex slaves and helping them start new lives.


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Yahoo! News reports that in the past decade Susana has rescued hundreds of women from Argentine prostitution rings and has received the "Woman of Courage" award from the U.S. Department of State, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Price on November 28th and received a human rights award from President Cristina Fernandez this past Sunday.

Sadly, despite all the honors and the many years of her hard work, Susana still hasn't found her daughter, Maria de los Angeles "Marita" Veron, who disappeared in 2002 in the provincial Tucuman. Even sadder, she left behind then 3-yaer-old daughter Micaela. But Susana hasn't given up, telling The Associated Press that she "live[s] for this" but that "it is a very sad, very grim life that I wouldn't wish on anyone."

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Still, she manages to stay strong and has now been rewarded with a little bit of justice. Argentine authorities have put 13 people on trial for allegedly kidnapping her daughter and "holding her as a sex slave in a family-run operation of illegal brothels." The trial will be decided later today and I'm really hoping that she will get some justice for her daughter. Still, she has an incredible unwavering spirit and determination to find her daughter, saying that she will still keep looking (and, of course, rescuing the women that need her). I hope she has her truly happy ending someday.

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