Car-driving dogs are real & they're amazing! (VIDEO)

We love our dogs so much that we let them ride in the front seat of the car with us. But have you ever thought of your dog driving the car instead? Well, a group of dogs in New Zealand do! The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals taught three dogs by the names, Monty, Ginny, and Porter, to drive in order to raise awareness that rescue dogs are intelligent.

The dogs originally learned how to drive a motorized scooter and have now moved on up to driving Mini Coopers for a TV show segment. Um, if this isn't the most bizarre but awesome thing you've ever heard then I don't know what is!


I have an embarrassing confession to make after reading this story. I realized a dog may get his driver's license before I do! I'm in my mid-20s and I STILL don't have my driver's license…so to see that these dogs learned how to drive really stuns me! But how EXACTLY did these pooches learn how to maneuver a vehicle?!

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According to animal trainer Mark Vette, the instructors used training scooters for about 7 weeks in order to get the dogs familiarized with the movements. It sounds easier said than done as the trainers admit that it was a difficult feat creating ten different behaviors into sequences. The greater challenge was the dogs learning what was happening as they were trained.

The other question that comes to mind is, how is a dog going to operate a vehicle meant for humans to drive? Engineers solved that problem by adding an extended brake pedal for easier access for the dogs, and trainers have taught them to accelerate, brake, steer, and change gears.

If you'd like to catch the amazing sight, check out their driving skills in the video below! I know my mind was seriously blown watching them. Hmm, now I have NO excuse to not get my license!  

Image via Sky News

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