3-year-old boy saves his mom's life after she has diabetic seizure

Would my 3-year-old son be able to do what a little boy in England his same age did to save his mom's life? I honestly don't know. Aaron Green woke up recently and found his mom, Cally, laying on the floor. Since she was not responding, he picked up her Blackberry and somehow managed to call his great grandmother and told her his mommy was very ill. His great grandmother called a neighbor who immediately went over to see what was going on. When she realized something was seriously wrong with Cally, she called for help.

Cally had had a diabetic seizure. Paramedics tried to revive her for two hours. Eventually, they transported her to the hospital where she spent five days in an induced comma. When she woke up, she had no recollection of what had happened.


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When doctors told her she could have died had her little boy not made that phone call, Cally was in awe of her son--especially because he'd never used her smartphone!

It feels like I must have been watched over by a guardian angel who was guiding him through what to do. I owe him everything--he deserves the world. I want everyone to know what a Superman he is.

Wow! What an amazing little kid! After reading about this ordeal, I felt like instead of just letting my kids use my iPhone to play apps, I should also tell them how to use and how they can find the directory so they can call their dad or their grandmother should something happen. 

I wonder how much little Aaron will actually remember of this incident, but one thing's for sure, I bet his mom will never left him forget he saved her life!

Image via GoodNCrazy/flickr


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