Mom puts her sleepless nights to good use & goes viral

As a new mom, a baby's firsts are a big deal. Which is why I thought what Adele Enersen did with her infant son's pictures was beyond adorable. Adele used pictures she had taken of her son's various sleeping positions into artwork that has been earning her a lot of attention. 

The Finnish mom thought it would be cute to add sketches to Vincent's sleeping photographs to depict what he may be dreaming. On her blog, Adele calls the images her "Maternity Leave Hobby" and seems like the copywriter and advertising concept designer is making her break from work well worth it.


Parents are always taking photos of their newborns, but Adele's idea is so creative that I wouldn't be surprised if it starts influencing other parents as well. This would be a cute idea for a Christmas card that isn't your stereotypically cheesy photograph.

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This wouldn't be the first time the mom put her talent to use as she has previously gained notice for her photo book My Baby Dreams, in which she features her daughter Mila. In the book she has her daughter sleeping and posing with real objects to create scenes. The images were intended for family members but once she posted them online, thousands of people visited her blog.

Although the mom seems like quite the photographer--only using an iPhone camera--she considers herself more of a storyteller. She says the camera is the tool she uses for her art, but she simply loves to write and come up with ideas.

This concept is so creative that I'm sure Adele can apply it to her career somehow. I'm particularly a fan of the image she sketched of Vincent as a DJ at a concert.  Who knows, she may just have a superstar on her hands. And perhaps she has a future as the next Anne Geddes!

Image via Myla's Daydreams

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