The REAL reason why couples often look alike will shock you!


Have you ever noticed that men and women in relationships sometimes end up looking more like brother and sister than couple in love? It's sort of like that joke about dogs looking like their owners. Except this time it happens between two people who aren't related, yet somehow end up looking creepily like each other. Well, it turns out that it's NOT just a coincidence. There's an actual scientific explanation as to why couples end up looking alike--and the reason why will SHOCK you!


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At least, it definitely seriously shocked me when I read that a French research team at the Institut des Sciences de l'Evolution de Montpellier printed in MedicalXpress that homogamy (a relationship between two individuals who share the same qualities) plays a LARGE role in how men choose their women.

According to the study, 37 percent of men "picked the face which shared the most features with theirs" and researchers also analyzed photographs of real-life couples and found that "each one shared more facial traits than two random individuals would," according to Basically, it turns out that men like women who look just like them!

Well, I guess that explains why couples look alike! It's the men doing it all, haha. I guess that solves that issue but it still seriously kind of freaks me out to think that this is why couples look alike. I mean, I guess there's nothing really too weird about that--but it's just never been my cup of tea for couples to look alike. But, who knows, that may happen to me anyway without even realizing it!

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