Best landlord EVER gives tenants heartwarming holiday gift!

It's finally December and it looks like people are really starting to get into the spirit of the season!  But from the looks of this heartwarming photo, which was posted to Reddit and has since gone viral, some are really going out of their way to spread the joy.  In the picture, a Los Angeles, California landlord celebrates the beginning of the holiday season by making his tenants a very generous offer.


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As explained in the letter, the landlord has a tradition of "helping a little during this last month of the year." How? He gives each of his tenants a different sort of present. "Please deduct $70 from your regular rent for the month of December and perhaps use those monies to purchase a gift for someone special in your life," he wrote. Wow! Isn't that amazing? I don't think I've ever heard of a landlord doing something like that, let alone one in a busy and expensive city like L.A.

And as if that wasn't enough, he also went on to thank everyone for continuing their stay in the building, telling them "it means a great deal."

Aw, doesn't that just bring a huge smile to your face? What an incredibly sweet gesture! It's good to know that there are still people out there who are just genuinely kind and enjoy making the holidays (which though fun, can also be stressful) a little bit easier on other people. I hope others take note of this lovely act, but either way, that landlord is sure to have a lot of good karma coming his way this Christmas!

Image via Reddit

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