Miracle Latino baby presumed dead, shocks doctors by being born alive (VIDEO)

A Chicago family received quite the miracle on Thanksgiving Day, giving a whole new meaning to the holiday. Jocelyn Robinson had been rushed to Mount Sinai hospital for complications with her pregnancy and alarmed medics when they were unable to find the baby's heartbeat during an ultrasound.

Doctors declared the baby dead, but little did they know that the newborn had something else planned in mind.


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According to the Huffington Post, doctors presumed little Noah Ignacio Guzman dead and tended to Jocelyn's bleeding, when one of the doctors heard the baby gasp. The newborn is being called a "miracle" baby ,shocking even doctors after his close call with death. Dad Ignacio Guzman was emotionally overcome by the news that his baby had died, but thankfully it was nothing more than a false alarm.

I can't even imagine the sadness parents must experience when faced with terrible news. In this case they were told that their baby had died before it was even in the mother's arms, but it's clear that the universe had other plans.

For now, Noah has been placed in the intensive care unit and will be watched carefully by doctors as they too experienced the miracle of life. We think we know what the Guzman family is thankful for this year! It's great to hear that baby Noah is in good hands and defied the odds placed against him. He truly is a miracle baby and I'm sure his folks will tell the story of his birth at every Thanksgiving dinner from here on out!

Image via ABC 7

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