Adorable 11-year-old boy educates world on what autism really is (VIDEO)

Kids write a lot of crazy things, but sometimes their words can actually be very inspiring! Case in point? The incredibly moving "script" 11-year-old Jonathan Wilson recently wrote for the video below, in which he talks about autism, a disease he himself has been diagnosed with.  


In the insightful clip, Wilson, who also suffers from ADHD and Tourette syndrome, proudly reads his personal essay out loud. Describing autism as not "the greatest thing," he goes on to explain to viewers, "You can't catch it, it's not a germ!"

Though he informatively lists some of the symptoms associated with the condition (including "tics or involuntary movements"), my favorite part of the video is when he assures parents of kids with autism that there are plenty of helpful options.

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"There [are] things to help your child like assistance dog guides and special E.A.'s at school," he says. "So don't panic, get help with your child or ask!"

Aww! What a sweet kid! And I love that he obviously enjoys educating other people about autism. It's much-needed, especially coming from someone as endearing as him who has clearly dealt with his conditions very well.

Great job and well-said, Jonathan!

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