This is the sweetest story ever! A 10-year-old Texas boy who was abandoned at a fire station when he was just a newborn, had his birthday wish come true after he met the firefighter who found him 10 years ago. The boy, Koregan Quintanilla, met firefighter Wesley Keck who rescued him after he was abandoned in 2002 one cold November night.

Keck, a father of four, found Koregan sleeping in a baby carrier outside the Arlington fire station, so thankfully he knew a thing or two about babies. The boy, who is now adopted, knew after years of watching TV footage from when he was found at the station, that he wanted to meet the man behind his rescue. And who wouldn't want to meet someone so special?

I was so touched by this story because not only was it a miracle that Koregan survived that cold night, but the right person found him and took care of him the way a mother would. To know that this boy wanted to display that gratitude toward Keck shows what a wonderful person he already is.

He can also thank Texas for the law they had instated in 2001 making it the first state to have The Texas Moses Act which allows a parent to leave an unharmed infant up to 60 days old at a fire station or hospital with no questions asked. Afterwards, a child protective service comes in and takes custody of the infant.

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Koregan was eventually adopted by Rebecca Quintanilla, who also has 5 other adopted children, and knew about his curiosity with his past. Quintanilla reached out to the fire department to reunite Keck and her son, thus making his dream come true. The cute part about their reunion is that they learned how alike they both are.

The mom is also grateful for the Texas Moses Act which helps women who do not know what to do with unwanted babies. I'd have to agree because it's better than what some panicked women do by harming their kids. At least there is an option that protects both the mother and child and gives the infant an opportunity to have a family that will properly care for them.

It's heartwarming to know that Koregan's life turned out for the better and I'd say he had a guardian angel looking over him when Keck found him. I'm sure this is the beginning of a special friendship and I have to admit, I'm pretty jealous that he can ride that fire truck whenever he wants!

Image via CBS 11

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