Since I can remember, I've been a dog person through and through. And although our pets can't speak, they still do wonderful things that the average human can't do. This past year we learned about so many amazing pets that it's hard to ignore their heroic efforts.

Whether their owners were in trouble or their own were simply in need of a helping hand, these pets were present and their loyalty was proven in their actions. I mean who can forget the puppies who kept that lost boy warm throughout the night or that dog who saved a newborn's life? If you haven't heard of these stories then you MUST read on!


I know if I was in my trouble my dog would be by my side in a heartbeat, so it was no surprise to hear that there were so MANY pets willing to do the same for their owners. This past year has been so eventful that we just had to pay tribute to these amazing animals. Which is why we created a list of the 10 most heroic pets of 2012!

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Check out this list and tell us which of these stories is your favorite. It really is hard for me to choose since they've all proven to be the bravest and most adorable dogs. But you be the judge!

Image via Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

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