Our military are not only an important asset to our country, but they're especially important to the people closest to them--their families. Today we celebrate Veterans Day in remembrance of those who have fought in wars in the past and those brave men and women who are overseas currently defending our country.

Their homecomings in particular tend to be really moving. One video that made my heart melt was of Navy Reservist, Justin Whyte. He surprised his 5-year-old son, Aiden upon his homecoming by showing up dressed as Darth Vader to his Star Wars themed birthday party. If that's not an amazing birthday surprise, I don't know what is!


According to Whyte's wife, he wasn't even supposed to be home at the time, but the adults decided to keep his homecoming a secret until the big day. On Aiden's birthday, all the kids were dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters, but little did he know that his dad was the man behind the Darth Vader mask.

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Originally the boy thought he was having a light-saber battle with his tall cousin, only to find out that it was his father the whole time. What an amazing story! The video is even sweeter thank it sounds, check it out below...

We wanted to pay tribute to our troops, so we gathered up some of our favorite homecoming videos from the past year. Just goes to show that these soliders don't stop being heroes once they come home!

Image via ABC

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