There's nothing wrong with dancing with your brother at your wedding!

I've always thought that the best weddings are those that mix a little bit of tradition with cultural and individual flair. My philosophy is live and let live--if a bride wants to tango down the aisle, hey, who am I to stop her? That's why when I heard about a new wedding trend in which some brides are having a brother-sister dance in addition to the conventional father-daughter dance, I thought it was SO sweet. But apparently, some people don't agree, even going so far as to call the now-growing practice weird and potentially creepy!


So what's the big fuss? Marta Segal Block, the author of a recent essay for the Huffington Post, writes:

The Father/Daughter dance itself is not without its detractors. The idea that the bride is "leaving" her father for her new husband is a little strange, especially when the bride in question is an adult who has been living with her new husband for a few years. But, the dance has come to be an expected and heartwarming tradition and most people don't think too deeply about the implications. However, when you apply the same emotions to a brother and sister it can become less heartwarming and more 'Flowers in the Attic.'

To which, I can only respond…really? Isn't it a little juvenile to call dancing with your brother--at wedding, no less--creepy?  Getting married is a happy occasion that is supposed to be about bringing families together. If a bride and her brother are close, why wouldn't she celebrate her huge milestone with him? It's her day! I don't even have a brother, but if I did, I would make damn sure he was as involved as he was willing to be. 

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Block also goes on to advise brides who are planning on having this dance to think carefully about their song choice, lest you give the wrong impression or--as she so eloquently puts it--become "a Lifetime movie of the week."

Again, is this woman serious? Okay, yes, if a bride danced with their brother to, say, Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On," it would probably be kinda weird, but that's quite obviously NOT the intention behind the dance. So why would anyone imply that this innocent and actually sweet gesture is something that it isn't?

Maybe it's because the Latino culture emphasizes close-knit families but I personally love the idea and don't think it's fair for Block to add gross overtones to the practice-- especially given the fact that every individual family has such different dynamics. After all, there are plenty of cases where the brother is more of a father-figure than the real dad or other similar circumstances. There's no reason for anyone to be so judgy, particularly about such a  personal and special occasion like a wedding.

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