Amazing 9-year-old quarterback takes down Hall of Famer NFL Player!

Who says girls can't play footbal? Remember little 9-year-old Sam Gordon from Salt Lake City, Utah, who previous made headlines for outperforming all of the boys on the field with her amazing abilities? Now, she is once again catching the world's attention, this time for tackling Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk!

Wow, talk about a girl after my own heart!


Gordon stopped by NFL GameDay Morning to go over her game tapes, as well as show off her impressive skills to the world. First, she outran likely Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp and then, she tackled Faulk, bringing the HUGE athlete to the ground without even breaking a sweat or blinking an eye.  What a badass!

Gordon was the only female out of 172 kids to try out for her local pee wee football league and she shined during the team try-outs, suprising the coaches with her impressive speed (which earned her the quickest time in every single speed and agility drill). Now she's the starting quarterback of her team and boasts more than 1,900 rushing yards, 65 tackles, and 35 touchdowns of this season in her age group...and this is only her first year playing the sport! 

So where exactly does she get her skills from? Apparently, Gordon was inspired to try out after watching college games with her father, who is so proud of his little girl's abilities that he posted footage of her playing on YouTube. The video has since gotten more than 1,870,000 views! 

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Isn't that just incredible?! I hope that my daughter (if I have ever have one) is as amazing as this girl is! Although, then again, if athlethic abilities are genetic and she takes after me, I don't think she'll have a very good chance.

Seriously though, at only 9 years old, Gordon is already exemplifying all a female can accomplish when they set their minds to it--which I think makes her a role model for girls of all ages!

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