'Ridiculously good-looking baby' gains millions of fans after showing off open-heart surgery with a smile

Take a look at this baby's photo and tell me it's not one of the cutest things you've ever seen. Come on, I dare you. 

That's Joey Powling Jr., the so-called "ridiculously good-looking baby" who is recovering from open-heart surgery and has now become an internet sensation thanks to his uncle posting a photo of the brave 3-month-old kid, who has been called "a baby Bruce Willis" and more, on message board site Reddit.


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The baby was born with "a complicated hole in his heart which required the surgery" that led to the adorable photo that his mom, Sarah Powling, took; his uncle, Matt Tossone, posted on Reddit, writing: "My 3-month-old nephew just had open-heart surgery. Chicks dig scars, right?" After that, millions of people commented on the photo to dub him the "ridiculously good-looking surgery baby", according to Examiner.com. Meanwhile, his mom explains the photo: 

I took that photo because it was the first time they uncovered the whole scar. Joe was playing with him, and I just wanted to get a picture of the scar, and he started smiling.

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One of the coolest things about this baby's story is that he's actually raising awareness for his condition, Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). And, of course, he's melting the hearts of pretty much anyone who sees his picture because MAN is he a cutie--and that brave but so adorable smile just speaks volumes. Don't you think?

Image via Joseph Powling/facebook

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