6 things every woman should be thankful for

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holidays and it seems like everyone is really starting to get into cheery spirit of the season. Though I'm not a huge fan of Turkey Day, I, like most people, am definitely feeling extremely grateful and blessed...but I admit there are some things I appreciate more than others. Below, check out my list of the 6 things every woman should be thankful for. I know I am!


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  1. Family. I know what you're thinking: "Way to start with the obvious!" But I, for one, know for a fact that I would not be where I am or who I am today without my parents, my sister and the rest of my relatives. And I'm sure you feel the same way about your own loved ones, whether they are actual relatives or close friends (whom I also consider family). Besides, aren't the holidays all about showing appreciation?  So here it is, family: Thank you.
  2. Having so many great female role models--Latina and otherwise. Right now, women are more powerful than ever before. We are running huge, influential companies, ruling the music charts, taking over both big and small screens, taking over the Senate, and just generally ruling the world….and it's amazing to witness, not to mention a great source of inspiration.
  3. Chocolate. No explanation necessary.
  4. The little things…this means something different for everyone, but you know what I'm talking about...stuff like a hug from your kid, a crisp, fall day, getting surprise flowers. (I would include chocolate in this category, but chocolate is not a little thing to me).
  5. The opportunity to make a difference. As was evidenced in this month's election, our voices are not only being heard, they're being prioritized--which means we all have the ability to create change if we want to, whether its by showing up at the polls, leading protests, or even teaching our kids to stay informed.
  6. Being so darn sexy! Let's face it, this has ALWAYS been the case, but lately (and though I hate to admit it, the 50 Shades frenzy probably has something to do with it) women have been embracing their sexuality and femininity more than ever. Many have become less shy about their curiousity and have started speaking more openly about their bedroom preferences...and I think it's awesome!

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