Amazing hubby wears a pink tutu to raise money for breast cancer awareness

Photographer Bob Carey gives new meaning to loving your partner in sickness and in health as he found a creative way to support his wife's current health struggle. You see, Linda Lancaster-Carey is battling breast cancer and as her husband, Bob knew he had to do something special for her. Last March, he created the Tutu Project, which had him photographed everywhere he went wearing nothing but a pink tutu to help raise money for breast cancer awareness.

Bob used the donations he received to create a photo book called Ballerina with the photos taken of him and plans on donating its earnings to CancerCare and the Beth Israel Integrative Oncology Fund. This is an amazing love story!


Bob and Linda are the embodiment of what a healthy and loving marriage should be. It's sweet to see that he is willing to do all of this for his wife as she goes through a dark time in her life. And this won't be the last time you see the supportive husband: the NFL has approached him to be part of one of their game lineups. The organization invited him and his wife to be part of the Giants Breast Cancer Awareness halftime event on October 7, where Bob will lead more than 150 breast cancer survivors onto the field at MetLife stadium.  

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But if you're curious to check out the photography book (or buy!), you can find it at Bloomingdale's for $50. If online shopping is more your style, check out Amazingly, since the project's inception, Bob has gained more than 40,000 fans on Facebook as well as over hundreds of book pre-orders.

Linda is truly one lucky lady to have such a supportive and loving husband. We wish her a speedy recovery from this deadly disease and hope Bob's photography book sees even greater success on the market.  

Image via Bob Carey

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