Best dad on earth sends son's toy train to space (VIDEO)

Today I stumbled upon the cutest and most heart warming video project EVER about a father who literally sent his 4-year old boy's favorite toy train (named Stanley) into outer space.


The lighthearted video called "A Toy Train in Space," has been already viewed nearly 100,000 times since it was posted Thursday evening by the producer and creative father, Ron Fugelseth.  Fugelseth who was inspired by watching a high-schooler's video of a "Lego man," sent high above the earth with a weather balloon, is the co-owner and creative director of Santa Cruz-based Oxygen Productions Inc., a motion graphics and film production studio. While most of us grew up thinking are dads were invincible and capable of doing pretty much anything, none of it really compares to this.

Not only was this dad successfully able to send his little boy's choo-choo into the stratosphere, but was also able to have Stanley, the toy train, return safely, and made an incredibly adorable video out of it.

 It's nice to see the sky isn't always the limit when it comes to a father's love. This guy definitely should win an award for coolest dad on earth!

Watch it for yourself here:

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