My abuelas love William Levy and here's why!

There aren't a lot of people out there quite like my two abuelitas. Abuela C, my mom's mamá, is an incredibly optimistic and perky 84-year-old who lives with my family in Queens and has to be the biggest social butterfly I know. I mean, I have my days where I wonder where in the heck does she get the energy to socialize as much as she does. She has friends from her church, friends she's met through friends, and then a countless numbers of amigas back in the Dominican Republic.

Abuela N is a sweet 75-year-old who's been married to my abuelo for more than 50 years and lives a great, relaxed life down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I absolutely adore the both of them, who have not only had an incredibly amazing influence on my life, but do such an AMAZING job at making me laugh my lungs off almost every conversation we have.


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In fact, it was just the other day that I walked on the two of them going through the new People En Español issue, yes, the one with William Levy on the cover! Apparently they requested that my dad pick them up a copy on his way home from work. The two of them seem to have a major crush on the sexy Cuban actor, but then again who doesn't?

Their reasons for loving the hot cubano?

"¡Qué pollazo!" was the first thing I heard Abuela C say as she glazed a the picture of Levy soaking in a bubble bath. "Abuelita I didn't know you guys were so fascinated by William Levy," I said as I watched the two of them run through the juicy pages of William's phoot shot, completly mesmerized. "Claro hijia, es un hombre con un sonrisa pícara y muy sensual," she replied.

"Es todo un pollo," she said again passionately, "no tiene nada que envidiarle a ningún hombre." I sat there in amusement watching them giggle and stare at the pages in complete admiration. As I got up to lower the volume of the EXTREMELY loud telenovela they had on, blatant laughter coming from these two petite viejitas completely startled me. I honestly don't know how I didn't suddenly go deaf.

"Dicen que el es un loco en la cama," said abuelita N completely cracking up. The next five minutes consisted of laughter and words like exitante, atractivo, guapo and sexy being constantly repeated.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined sitting down with my two grandmothers talking about a young, sexy actor like William Levy. But like I said earlier, there aren't a lot of people out there like my two abuelitas!

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