Stunning NY Fashion Week model lived in a Dominican orphanage just weeks ago!

This Cinderella story makes the impossible seem possible, no matter where you are in life. Fior Mendez, a 5-foot-10 inch beauty from the Dominican Republic, walked on the runway at Harlem's Fashion Row during this month's New York Fashion Week and although the stunner may look flawless, her life has been less than glamorous. You see up to only a few weeks ago, the 22-year-old model was living in the Orfanato Niños de Cristo orphanage in her native country.

Her story is an amazing one...


You would never guess that the beauty came from such unfortunate circumstances, but the truth is she has been an orphan since the age of 13, after her mother could no longer take care of her. Mendez lost contact with her biological relatives after being placed in the orphanage, but never gave up on her dream of becoming a model. Well, her luck all changed once a generous offer knocked on her door.

It turns out the orphanage's owner had a friend who offered them a place to stay in New York City in order to help Mendez learn English. Shortly after the move, the Dominican beauty signed up with Signature Talent Agency and has been booking modeling gigs left and right.  

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It's heart-warming to learn about those less fortunate being given a chance to rise above--and kicking butt while doing so! Now Mendez says she wants to be an inspiration to those children in the orphanages back home. She always wants them to keep one thing in mind: "If you are dedicated, you can do something," she says, "and even if you're sad, you always have hope.'

Mendez and Cassandra Bankman (the beautiful model with the cystic acne who also particpated in Fashion Week) both prove that good things come to those who wait. You may be put down by others and you may not be living in an ideal situation, but if you put your mind and heart to it, good things are only bound to come your way.

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