Argentinean family honors the memory their late mom in an amazing way

It's the sweetest gesture of love I've ever seen: A field in a remote area of Argentina has the shape of an interesting and beautiful guitar. The huge area is pretty much a forest and was conceived and executed by farmer Pedro Urreta and four kids to honor the memory of his late wife, who passed away unexpectedly about 35 years ago.

Isn't that the most heart-wrenching thing you've ever heard? The forest is planted in cypress trees and blue eucalyptus plants, giving the guitar's "handle" a really unique blue and purple shade. But the story behind this couple, this family, and their labor of love is even more beautiful than the field.


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It was the 1970s and Ureta and his wife Graciela were flying over the remote Argentinean Pampas, when Graciela commented about one of the many fields that vaguely resembled a milk pail, all boring straight lines and rectangular, and suggested to her husband that they should design a really interesting field on their own property. Ureta thought it was an amazing idea, but of course, life happened and time went by, and neither had any time to bring the project to fruition.

In 1977, at the age of 25, Graciela died unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm and left Ureta to raise their four kids. Heart-broken that he had never taken on the project they both talked about, Ureta, who is 70 years old, started to plant the forest dedicated to his wife, and he and his kids (Ignacio, María Julia, Soledad, and Ezequiel) spent all their free time from then on working on this labor of love. And why a guitar? Ureta says that it's because it was her favorite instrument. Can you say, Awwwww?

Today, the forest is amazing and spans almost a mile and made up of more than 7,000 trees; it can only be truly appreciated by plane (the irony of that being that Ureta is to this day afraid to fly). We're sure Graciela can see it from above too, and know that she's loving the curves and beauty of the guitar-shaped field--which is very different from the paleness of that milk pail field--planted in her honor. 

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