12-year-old Latina YouTube sensation gets prize of a lifetime! (VIDEO)

The world has already fallen in love with Talia Castellano, a 13-year-old Latina cancer survivor whose YouTube makeup tutorials recently made her an online sensation. But this week, the young girl reached a new level of fame when she met one of her idols, Ellen Degeneres, on the comedian's talk show. During an incredibly sweet and emotional interview that brought tears to my eyes, Castellano didn't just get to chat with one of her role models--she also had a second wish granted when the host surprised her with some amazing news!


During the segment, Castellano greeted Degeneres with a big hug before immediately breaking into tears of disbelief. "I'm like shaking, I love you so much," she said to the host. Aww! The young girl, trying to keep her emotions in check, went on to explain that her passion for cosmetics started at an extremely young age and that she dreams of becoming a makeup artist one day.

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Well, it looks like that could happen sooner than she thinks. Towards the end of the interview, Degeneres, who is a spokeswoman for CoverGirl, made another of Castellano's dreams come true when she told the young girl that the brand was making her an honorary CoverGirl.  As Castellano gasped in surprise, Degeneres also presented her with her own CoverGirl portrait, as well as a makeup table, and $20,000 from the company.

Wow, talk about the gift of a lifetime! The most amazing part of the interview however wasn't the prize itself--it was watching Castellano's reaction. Watching her break down and cry in shock and gratitude--first after meeting Ellen and then after receiving the news--made my own eyes well up with tears. Castellano is such an inspiring and brave young girl and she totally deserves to be rewarded for her courage!

Grab some tissues and watch the emotional interview here:

Image via YouTube

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