Teen Youtube sensation with cystic acne models at New York Fashion Week (VIDEO)

19-year-old model Cassandra Bankson suffers from cystic acne. She became an Internet sensation after bravely posting a YouTube tutorial of herself before and after she applies makeup that miraculously covers her condition up--all in a matter of 10 minutes! Most of us suffer from some sort of insecurity about our physical appearance, but sometimes facing them can actually make you a stronger individual, and Bankson is a great example of this.

The beauty endured relentless bullying during high school because of her acne, but in the end, the joke's on the meanies! Bankson's makeup tutorial has received over 11.5 million views and helped land her a spot on the runway for Stacy Igel's Boy Meets Girl line at New York Fashion Week. If you ask me, it sounds like a dream come true--Bankson is on her way to stardom.


The model earned the chance of a lifetime to walk fashion week after Igel saw her headshot while chosing models for her show. It helped that the designer is the ambassador for an anti-bullying group called BullyBust and could sympathize with the Bankson's story.

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I can't imagine the pain that bullying must have caused Bankson--who is stunning with or WITHOUT makeup--but instead of wallowing and feeling helpless, the young model to cover up her acne. But model or not, she knows that her education is important and is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in the hopes of becoming a dermatologist. Beauty AND brains--sounds like she's on the right track!

It takes a lot of guts to put your insecurities out in the open, but Bankson took that risk and as a result has many doors opening for her. She is not just a model, but a role model for girls all over. "Models shouldn't be modeling perfection because there is no such thing," Bankson said. "We should be modeling our imperfections." I could NOT agree more!

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