Teen floats camera to space, captures stunning photos of Earth! (PHOTOS)

Well, it looks like NASA has some serious competition in 19-year-old Adam Cudworth. The incredibly clever British teenager is making headlines after he floated a $40 eBay camera up to space and managed to snap some stunning photos of the Earth!


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Cudworth reportedly spent 40 hours working on a homemade contraption that held a GPS, radio and microprocessor before releasing it into the sky on Thursday. Somehow, his device was able to float over 20 miles above the planet's stratosphere and capture some breathtaking pictures of the world from space! When it fell back to Earth, Cudworth used a GPS tracker to find it and was taken aback by the amazing results…and I can't blame him! Who would have ever thought that something an enterprising young kid put together at home could achieve such an extraordinary feat?

But what makes the whole thing even more impressive? The fact that while NASA spends millions upon millions of dollars to research and develop efficient technology to complete similar tasks, Cudworth managed to create his apparatus with only a 200 pound (or $320) budget! Oh, and Cudworth's only scientific background is A-Level Physics!

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WOW! This kid must be a genius to be able to dream up such a remarkable and effective concept with basically no training. And he's not quite done yet: Apparently, Cudworth is working on another project that will allow him to control where the device lands when it comes back down to Earth. Talk about an overachiever! His parents must be very proud.

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Images via Adam Cudworth/Twitter

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