12-year-old saves family, drives car to safety after dad's seizure

A family from Massachusetts has a lot to be thankful for this morning because their 12-year-old son saved their lives on Saturday morning after his father suffered a seizure behind the wheel. The scary scene unfolded on a busy interstate highway while he and his 9-year-old special-needs sister were being driven by their dad, John Canney Jr.. When he suddenly started convulsing, the brave boy managed to get a hold of the steering wheel and pulled them all over to safety.

Can I say how impressed I am with this kid? I don't think I'd be that bold if I was in his shoes because not only would I be concerned about my dad's health, but I would be freaking out about how to maneuver a vehicle without killing everyone in it. 


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The quick-thinking boy managed to call police using his dad's cell phone and ask for help. It was a bit difficult actually locating the family because the car ended up on an emergency shoulder in an area where there are three busy highways. According to reports, when police arrived, the boy and his 9-year-old sister were "waiting safely on the opposite side of the guardrail on the southbound side of Route 95."

Authorities eventually reached the family and escorted them to the hospital where their father was treated and was declared in good condition.

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Cops were just as amazed as I was that someone so young was bold enough to take an initiative in a scary situation such as this one. It just comes to show you how one's natural instinct to protect can kick in when you least expect it.

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