Check out these moms' inspiring stories at the DNC

The DNC may have ended already, but we're still in awe of the amazing moments (hello, Julian Castro and Eva Longoria!) that occurred during this short time. We're especially happy with our representation, 800 delegates this year were Latino-- that's about 100 more than previous years!

Ss the presidential election is underway, everyone is voicing their opinion, but we can't forget some of the most important people--moms. CafeMom has created a campaign called Mom Matters 2012, which aims to give moms across the U.S. a voice to highlight the issues they care about most.



This time around, they're highlighting some mothers involved in the DNC. Check out the inspiring women attending and partipating in the convention. You'll be amazed by some of their stories and struggles, which will remind you why this election is so important--especially for Latinas.


Watch the videos here:

Image via YouTube

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