8- year-old girl returns wallet full of cash, is rewarded with Justin Bieber!

If the average person found a lost wallet, they'd probably take the money and run--not even a second thought. But amazing 8-year-old Abbie Jacobson did the opposite and expected nothing in return. The miniature good samaritan from Scarsborough, Maine was in a Sam's Club store with her parents when she spotted a coin purse filled with $100 dollar bills, jewelry, and a debit card. Unlike most people, her first thought was that it needed to be returned to its rightful owner--ASAP!

But this amazing act of kindness from the little girl was about to be rewarded in a most unexpected way!


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The rightful owner, Cambodian native Ra Rim, spoke no English and said the money was meant for her to travel back home to visit her family. Rim was lucky that the sweet and selfless third grader didn't think for a second about whether she should keep the money or not. Instead, Jacobson's parents say that their daughter's initial response was finding out who it belonged to since it was a lot of money--$4,202 to be exact.

The family eventually met Rim after the money was returned to her. She thanked them for their thoughtfulness and called the little girl, "my angel Abbie." The best part of this story, though, is the good karma that was about to be returned to Abbie: The selfless 8-year-old told the local newspaper reporter that originally covered her story that her biggest dream--like that of most girls her age of course!--was to meet Justin Bieber.  Well, as it turns out, Jon Everets, the CEO of the Bank of Maine read about Abbie and her remarkable story of honesty and rewarded her and her family with tickets to see the Biebs himself at a Boston concert in November! Not only will they see the pop singing sensation in all his glory, but the swanky Marriot Residence Inn is also donating a stay in one of their suites.

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Stories like these give me hope that there are still good people in the world who know right from wrong. The Jacobsons clearly have done a great job raising their daughter and hopefully many kids can learn a big lesson from her. It just goes to show you that being nice DOES pay off in the end!

Have you ever found a lost wallet and returned it to the owner? Would you encourage your kids to do that with a story like this one?

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