Latino teen impaled by spear thanks the woman who saved his life (VIDEO)

I can't imagine what Yasser Lopez's mom went through when she found out a fishing spear had gone through the 16-year-old's head in a horrific accident. It's a parent's worst nightmare, and she got the dreaded call this past June.  

Considering the spear went through his skull and into his brain, Lopez's recovery has been remarkable. He's gone from not being able to move and speak to undergoing physical therapy and dealing with partial paralysis on his left side. As a parent, I'd be happy my son's life was spared and that he had a chance to live a relatively normal life.


Though Lopez has vague memories of the accident, it didn't keep him from getting emotional when he reunited with Astrid Cardoza, the good Samaritan who saved his life that fateful day. As Lopez was screaming after getting impaled by the spear during a fishing trip to the beach with a friend, Cardoza walked over and calmed him down. Cardoza resisted removing the spear from his head despite Lopez's begging. Turns out that leaving the spear alone actually saved Lopez's life.

In the video, the reunion is tear-inducing. How else can a person react to the person who literally saved your life?

I started thinking about how I'd thank the person who saved my child's life. I certainly don't have all the cash I need to pay them financially what my child is worth to me. Would I have them over for dinner? Yes. I'd also keep the person posted on my son's milestones.

As a parent how do you repay the person who keeps him from getting killed? Do you make them a part of your family forever? Do you give the person a monetary award?

Images via NBC

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