Lately, there have been tons of stories about some pretty incredible dads…but this past weekend, Michigan father Rick Van Beek, might have topped them all. The Internet community is calling Van Beek "the father of the century" after he participated in a local triathlon on Saturday with Madison, his 13-year-old daughter who suffers from cerebral palsy.


Van Beek says his teen loves the outdoors, but can't take part in the event alone. So to prevent her from missing out, the devoted dad swam while pulling her in a kayak, biked with her in a cart behind him, and ran while pushing her in front of him. Aww…that is the sweetest thing ever!

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And this isn't the first time the amazing father has shown his love for his daughter through fitness. This recent competition would mark their fourth year running together and their third year doing triathlons. Van Beek, who used smoke and chew tobacco, says the exercise has been beneficial for both of them, prompting him to get in shape for the sake of his daughter.

Now, Van Beek is also focusing on forming a non-profit organization called Team Maddy, which will raise funds to build equipment and adaptive devices for special needs kids.

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What an incredible dad! Participating in a triathlon is a challenge for anyone, but to do so with your daughter who can't do it on her own is just amazing. I'm sure that in her heart of hearts, Maddy appreciates what her dedicated father is doing. Meanwhile, Van Beek serves as an inspiration for parents everywhere.

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