Devotion for our children, love for our family, commitment to our community: These are some of the values that define a mamá Latina. But some of thes moms have taken this passion for our people to a deeper level--and have inspired us to be better and aim higher.

We asked for your help finding these women and you delivered. We're down to just 25 of those amazing mamás. Here's the incredible group of women that represent the best among us. Seven of them will receive the Mamás Latinas Award.

Mamas Latinas Awards Finalists

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Imagen vía Mónica Olivera

Monica Olivera

When she realized that her school district could not provide her kids with the education they deserve, Monica began homeschooling them and created, where she provide tips, resources, activities, and other opportunities for parents who homeschool their children, and parents looking to expand --or reinforce--the concepts their children are learning in a traditional school setting. Through this site, she has created a community where Latino parents can ask each other questions to find solutions to education-related issues.

About the author

Alicia Civita lives in Florida, with her Argentinian husband, her two boys, 7 and 10 years old, her two rescued pit bulls, a parrot, and a red bearded lizard. She has lived and written from Caracas, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and New York, among other cities. Since becoming a mom she has learned to sew, craft, and play videogames. She dreams with hosting a party with all of her Facebook friends.

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I have had the pleasure of knowing this individual personally and she is one of the most inspiring, dedicated, hard working mothers I've ever met. She's an amazing friend and such a great mom. She's an inspiration to all.
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Congratz Sherise... You have changed many lives including mind and I can't thank you enough for it.
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Jennifer is truly a dedicated individual! Her love for Capoeira is evident, not just in the class but in the various things Abada Capoeira Bronx does within the community! She is a role model to many!
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Jennifer is a hard and dedicated person who helps many families and kids to be part of great capoeira community. she made it possible to everyone. We can't thank her enough for everything she does.
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Congratulations, Jennifer, on this award!! It is wonderful to be recognized for all your hard work as a wife, mother, and member of the community. Thank you for all you have done as you and your family have made a tremendous impact on the Abada Capoeira community in NYC.
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My two children are students at Abada Capoeira-Bronx, and Jennifer is not only their teacher, but a role model for them. The feeling I get from Jennifer is a genuine belief in the positive influence that capoeira has on the people who participate. She is a generous and strong leader worth following in the community. Congratulations on this nomination, Jennifer!
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Sherise Martinez, it has been almost a year I have had the the honor to have meet this young amazing, intelligent woman. Very caring individual who goes beyond call of duty as a therapist, friend and mother. An aceptional woman and fore most, mother. God bless your beautiful heart.
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