Watch Hillary Clinton tear up the dance floor! (VIDEO)

Firsts things first: I've always admired Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton for being such a great example for women all over the world. So when I saw the video of her dancing the night away at a party in South Africa last night, I couldn't help but like her even more!

Although Clinton was in South Africa attending a conference about how to put a stop to the spread of AIDS--which continues to be a gigantic problem for the country with the highest HIV infection rate--she made the time to not only meet with the celebrated leader Nelson Mandela, but to also have a little fun during her visit to that gorgeous country.


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I love that Clinton has been showing her more personal and fun-loving side in the past few months--she was recently photographed drinking a beer while partying with her staff in Colombia--because it goes to show that just because she has one of the most powerful and important government jobs, she's still just a regular person too. One who loves to have a good time laughing, partying and dancing... and has rhythm to boot!

I also enjoyed watching the video of her tearing up the dance floor with a huge smile on her face because it makes me feel like if the Secretary of State can find the time to balance work and life having one of the most stressful jobs around, then everyone else can. Don't you think?

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Maybe she's just super happy her gig as Secretary of State is almost over and she can--as many observers are suggesting--start preparing her campaign for the most important role of her life as the first female president of the United States!

What do you think of Clinton's dance moves? And what about the possibility of her becoming the first female president? Share your thoughts with us by leaving us a comment below. 

Image via CNN

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