Daughter lifts 2000 pound car off trapped father! (VIDEO)

Dads and daughters always have a special relationship, but one Virginia father must be especially thankful for his child after she saved his life last weekend. When her dad got accidentally pinned underneath a car, 22-year-old Lauren Kornacki reportedly lifted it off of him and kept him alive by performing CPR!


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Apparently, Kornacki was leaving her home when she saw the car slip off a jack and fall on top of her father in the garage. Without hesitation, she took action, throwing her body as hard as she could into the car and dragging her dad out from underneath. And as if that wasn't amazing enough, Kornacki then used previous lifeguard training to perform CPR on her father, keeping him alive until the medics could arrive.  Fortunately, her father survived and is now recuperating in a nearby hospital.

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Wow, is that astounding or what? What an amazing young woman! Her dad and the rest of her family must be so grateful and proud of her quick thinking and life-saving actions. If she hadn't been there at the right time or responded the way she did, it could've been an enormous loss. But thanks to her, it's a happy ending for all!  


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Image via CNN

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