Nastia Liukin inspires young girls with new Fantastic Gymnastics Dora the Explorer doll!

Watching the Olympics can inspire dreams of becoming a professional athlete in any young girl or boy. That's why I thought it was so cute when I heard that five-time Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin teamed up with Fisher-Price to create a new, interactive Fantastic Gymnastics Dora the Explorer doll for young girls!


The doll, based off the main character of the Nickelodeon show, performs two different gymnastics routine that includes real moves, like splits, handstands and back-bends. And just like her TV counterpart, the Fantastic Gymnastics Dora is bilingual and can speak more than 40 phrases in English and Spanish, as well as sing a cherry tune about teamwork. So cute!

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Liukin herself even performed some of the gymnastic moves alongside Gymnastics Dora, while introducing the doll to a group of adorable young girls--who, by the way, looked completely in awe as they watched her!

I always love when athletes use their own skills and experience to pass on a little knowledge to children and try to inspire them to explore new hobbies. After all, all of the now-Olympians had to start somewhere…so why not use their own life to encourage potential superstar athletes to dream big too? And I think Liukin, who was also recently named a spokesperson for TIGI haircare, is an ideal role model since she has experienced plenty of success and setbacks in her career.

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The doll comes out this month in retail stores like Toys R' Us, Target and Walmart nationwide…and I have to say if I had a kid, I would totally buy it for my daughter! Who knows what it could lead to? You could be carving the way for a future gold medalist!  

 What do you think of the doll? Would you buy it for your child? Tell us in the comments below! 

Images via Fisher Price

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