Mother brings her newborn baby back to life by cuddling him

We've all heard that a mother's love can work miracles and ever since I became a mom, I believe in this even more. That's why the story of how little Adam Cheshire was basically brought back to life thanks to his mother's touch brought me to tears. Baby Adam was just one day old when he stopped breathing and started having violent seizures because of a brain infection. He was placed on a life support machine as he slipped into a coma and his parents were told to say their goodbyes and to take one last photo with him. "They were convinced he was going to die," according to what Charlotte Cheshire, the baby's mother, told UK's The Telegraph.

But the baby--and his mother--had other plans.


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Charlotte, who couldn't walk after the birth of her baby because all the bones in her pelvis had sperated from each other, took two hours to get into a a wheelchair so she could go see her son in the neonatal intensive care unit. Although she wasn't able to hold him during the first week that her son fought for his life, she stood right by the incubator. Several days later, Adam's breathing started to improve little by little and Charlotte was finally able to hold him in her arms for the first time.

From then on, the new mom spent up to 12 hours a day rocking her son while he slept in her arms and providing Adam with skin-to-skin contact, a technique known to keep babies warm, stimulated, and fed.

While doctors were amazed at Adam's progress, they warned that if he ended up surviving, he would probably be brain damaged, epileptic, suffer cerebral palsy as well as a range of other disabilites. But neither mother nor son gave up and, little by little, Adam began to grow stronger and stronger. And three weeks after he was born, Adam was released from the hospital.

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Today, he is 16 months old and has just began taking his first steps. A recent scan shows his brain injury has disappeared and although he has a hearing impairment, he doesn't suffer from all the other ailments doctors predicted.

What a miracle! And what an incredible story of the power of a mother's love and her refusal--as well as the baby's--to give up.

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