Miracle baby is born out of the Aurora, Colorado shooting (VIDEO)

Hugo Jackson Medley is being called a "miracle baby," and for good reason! He was born on Tuesday morning, just four days after the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting that left 12 people dead and more than 50 injured--including little Hugo's dad, Caleb Medley, who was shot in the face and is now fighting for his life. Mom, Katie, thankfully escaped unharmed.

Hugo's parents, huge Batman fans, were at the fateful midnight showing of The Dark Knight in Aurora last week when tragedy struck. The couple described it as one of their last date nights before Katie's due date. Katie's father, David Sanchez, tells NBC News that they even wore their Batman gear to the premiere:  "They waited for this movie for over a year, " he said, so it's no surprise the couple were at the theater, despite the fact that Katie was almost due to give birth.


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Michael West, one of the couple's friends, has set up a website to collect donations for Caleb's care and in it recounts the frightening moments that Katie told him after the gunman opened fire on the crowded movie theater:

Katie told me he came in through the emergency exit at the bottom right of the theater, and threw something over their heads. "I thought it was a prank at first, or someone playing along with the movie because it happened during a fight scene," Katie told me. "Then he opened fire, and Caleb was shot in the right eye as [we] all tried to duck and cover. I didn't know how he was, because there was so much blood, but he was still moving, and he kept running his fingers through his hair." Katie and her friend Ashley were staying down right next to Caleb until the shooter left the theater.

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What this couple went through sounds incredibly frightening, but we're really happy to hear of this nugget of happy news in the midst of all the sadness coming out of this tragedy. We congratulate these new parents and our prayers are with Caleb as he recovers from his injuries; we hope Little Hugo will be the ray of encouragement his dad needs during this time.

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Image via Colorado University Hospital

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