Latina single mom achieves her Broadway dreams with 'Ghost' the musical (VIDEO)

I think it's pretty safe to say that I am a huge fan of theater. I mean, I spent a Sunday night in June watching the Tony Awards (the Oscars of the theater world) because I was dying to see Ricky Martin's performance for Evita. Actually, I'm a big supporter of anyone who wants to get on the stage, which is exactly why I was so inspired to read the story of single mom Jennifer Sanchez, an actress/singer who's currently appearing in Ghost the Musical after her Broadway debut in West Side Story in 2009.


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Being part of a Broadway hit must be pretty exciting for Jennifer, but it really touched my heart when she spoke about her son, the challenges of being a single mom on Broadway and why she loves the Ghost schedule which allows her to spend quality time with her son every Sunday. In an interview with, she talks about her experience:

The most challenging thing is the schedule. Your kids go to school during the day and you work at night. But you just have to make more with the time that you do have. You put more weight on that time; it's more valuable. You make those your meaningful hours. What's great about the Ghost schedule is that I have Sundays off. Saturdays he goes to his friend's house and Sundays I have off with him. It's a dream schedule for me. In every show I do, I wish I could have Sundays off to spend with him. It's been really great.

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Although I haven't yet gotten the chance to see Jennifer Sanchez in Ghost, if her performance of "Model Behavior" from Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown is any indication, she's probably pretty much rocking it--all while living the dream and spending plenty of time with her kid, too. This is one mamá Latina that I would definitely love to learn from. I mean, who wouldn't want a mom who can sing, dance and cares about spending plenty of time with you?

Are you inspired by Jennifer Sanchez achieving her Broadway dreams while making sure to spend quality time with her son? Share with us in the comments below!

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