Blind Miss Florida USA contestant is an inspiration to all (VIDEO)

I can't imagine what it's like to be legally blind. Yes, I wear contacts—but being blind is a whole other thing that I have honestly been pretty terrified of. That's why I am so inspired by one of the contestants in the Miss Florida USA pageant (my home state, natch).

Connor Boss is breaking some serious ground by being the first legally blind contestant in a beauty pageant. And while I'm not always the biggest supporter of pageants, I am absolutely amazed by her courage and spirit—along with all of the hardships she admittedly had to endure.


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What surprised me most about this 18-year-old girl, who came in 4th place is just how down-to-Earth she is about the whole thing. In the video, below, she jokes about the importance of having good friends while participating in this contest—since she needs people like her mom to tell her when she accidentally came down the stairs with mascara on her forehead.

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Although she jokes about it, I'm really impressed by this young woman. I mean, just think about all of the dance moves and steps that those contestants have to memorize! I'm a little bit sad that she didn't win the title, since it would have been absolutely amazing to see her compete in the official Miss USA pageant, but I think she's definitely going to inspire plenty of women in the meantime.

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Are you inspired by the first blind Miss Florida USA contestant? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Connor Boss/facebook

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