Would you let your 90-year-old grandmother go on a rollercoaster?

I'm amazed and worried that 90-year-old Thelma Gratsch is such a thrill-seeker, that she celebrated her birthday by going on the 230-foot-high Diamondback rollercoaster. Kudos to her because the coaster, part of the attractions at Ohio's Kings Island amusement park, reaches speeds of 80 miles per hour.   


Gratsch is such a regular, that she estimates she's been on the roller coaster more than 100 times since it opened 3 years ago! She's definitely got me beat with those rollercoaster stats.

I love, love rollercoasters, but don't know whether Gratsch is my new hero, or if she's crazy.

I wonder if her heart races as much as mine does or has Gratsch found a way to slow her heart rate down enough not to have a heart attack.

News of Gratsch riding a rollercoaster made me wonder what I'd do if my grandmother wanted to do the same for her 90th birthday. Would I protest or let her do as she wished?

I'm guessing I'd start out talking my grandmother out of it, but that I'd support her decision—and hope she survived the ride.

What would you do if your grandmother wanted to do something crazy like ride a rollercoaster or skydive?

Image via Kings Island

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