Eight-year-old girl plays the guitar like a rockstar! (VIDEO)

OK, I'm officially jealous of an 8-year-old. Before you judge me though, watch this AMAZING and inspiring video below of this young but extremely talented guitar protégé. Seriously, I played guitar for two, almost three years, in high school and I still wasn't as good as this girl!


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As can be seen in the clip, the girl plays on the guitar to one of her favorite songs and one thing is clear: she can rock out like a seasoned professional!  Seriously, if you close your eyes and listen to the sound, you would think it was a famous musician playing--not an elementary schooler! Her skills are absolutely amazing.

In fact, she's so talented that I can't help think that it won't be long before we'll be watching her on stage or listening to her rock album—even though she's currently only 8! Her abilities are so inspiring…I can't wait to go home and pick up my ol', now-dusty guitar again!

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Image via YouTube

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