Flesh-eating bacteria victim Aimee Copeland leaves hospital, proves we can overcome anything (VIDEO)

This is a great morning for Aimee Copeland, her family, and all those who have been following her story. The 24-year-old Georgia woman, who has been battling the flesh-eating bacteria for the past two months, was finally released from the hospital today.


Now Copeland, who lost most of her fingers, one of her legs, and her remaining foot to the infection, will be entering a rehabilitation facility for an undetermined period of time.  But though she has a long road to recovery ahead, her father says she is more than ready for a change of environment.

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"She's been seeing those four walls inside that hospital for a long time," Andy Copeland told CNN. This morning, he also said that Copeland is "very excited, like a kid going off to college," although she knows that rehabilitation will be long and arduous process.

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I am so happy and relieved to see that Copeland is finally able to move on from the hospital and slowly start her life again. She has been through such a difficult and scary ordeal and yet she has somehow managed to stay positive throughout it all. I only hope she knows that her optimism and determined attitude—especially when it comes to facing this next leg of her journey—is incredibly inspiring to all. I wish her and her family all the best in her recovery!

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Image via Andy Copeland

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