64-year-old abuelita rocks an incredible, inspirational body! (VIDEO)

Okay, I already knew that abuelas can do ANYTHING after 93-year-old woman was recognized by the Guiness World Records for being the oldest yoga teacher alive while a 77-year-old grandmother was named the oldest bodybuilder on record. But the story of Ruby Carter-Pikes, a 64-year-old fitness body competitor, is a true inspiration after she decided to get healthy and fit so that she could prevent her family's legacy of getting sick and dying young. Now she's inspiring those around her to do the same. 


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I am absolutely amazed by Ruby's body. She looks probably 100 times better than I could ever look. Well, maybe I could look that way one day but I certainly don't right now. Her incredible body is definitely something to be admired but it's really her message of hope that I am touched by. 

In her BodyProud.org profile, she talks about her family's struggle and how it wasn't until she became a mom of four that she "recognize[d] the devastation of my family's poor eating habits and the effects it had on the health [of] my loved ones including my grandmother, mother, aunts, sisters, uncles, brothers, etc." 

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And look at her now! She's completely turned her life around and, as she puts it, "now at the age of 60+, I am highly energized, focus, fit and happy." She looks simply amazing and I for one want to follow this abuela's prescription for a better life: "making small changes in what one eats and how it is prepared, and it is definitely to one['s] benefit to incorporate some kind of physical activity into his/her daily schedule." Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? If it's going to get me a body like hers, though, I'll definitely be doing more of it!

Are you inspired by this 64-year-old woman looking more fit than ever? How do you help your family stay healthy? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Ruby Carter-Pikes/facebook

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