Nike's "Voices" spot reminds us women are fierce athletes, too! (VIDEO)

These days females are totally dominating the athletic world! But it wasn't always that way. It took a lot of hard work and dedication for women to get to where they are today in sports. Now, Nike is celebrating just how far female athletes have come by featuring some of the most renowned ladies in sports, including 22-year-old Latina boxer Marlen Esparza, in a new video called "Voices."


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The video shows the inspiring women talking to the camera about all of the obstacles they faced and the naysayers they had to prove wrong on their path to athletic stardom. "Dad said I couldn't be a boxer," says Esparza. "He said I was too small." But, as can be seen in the clip, the criticism only made each of the ladies more determined to reach their goal. "I never felt like quitting," Esparza says.

Watching this video, I literally got goose bumps! It's so incredibly inspiring to watch these amazing, accomplished, influential female speak candidly about their journey. Their obvious strength makes me proud to be a woman and most importantly, reminds me (and the world) that no matter what race, age, or background, we can do it all too.

Watch the powerful video here:

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