Wilmer Valderrama was bullied for his thick, Spanish accent as a kid (VIDEO)

The oh-so-sexy Wilmer Valderrama is doing something that I certainly never thought would happen: he's admitting that he's a nerd!

Well, it's actually way more than that. The former star of That 70's Show is teaming up with NERDS candy in a new campaign to battle bullies, called "Stomp out Bullying." It's an impressive way to use his star power, and in the spot Wilmer speaks out about the bullying he endured as a child due to his thick Spanish accent, while trying to help kids out today who may be going through similar issues. 


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The Venezuelan-American actor opened up about his childhood, in the video below, and hopes that his heartfelt message is enough to encourage kids to do the same and embrace who they really are--nerds or not. 

When I first came to this country, I didn't know how to speak English. Back then at 14, it was a really hard age. Because I had an accent, people had this impression that I was dumb. Eventually I embraced my individuality and embraced my roots. Then I was able to stand my ground.

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I'm really inspired by Wilmer's message and I really hope that kids listen. I was definitely one of those "nerdy" ones growing up and I think it's great that he's encouraging kids to accept themselves. I really hope they get the message!

What do you think of Wilmer Valderrama opening up about teasing he endured in his childhood? Do you hope your kids will be inspired to stand up to bullying? Share with us in the comments below!

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