Sofia Vergara wants to meet flesh eating bacteria victim Aimee Copeland (VIDEO)

As if being the funniest Latina in Hollywood wasn't enough for her, now it seems that Sofia Vergara is vying for the title of sweetest woman on the planet as well!

In a newly released video, the Modern Family star is throwing her heartfelt support behind Aimee Copeland, the Georgia student who is currently recovering from a flesh-eating disease. And, let me tell you, the video is as adorable as it sounds! The star really made me, "AWWWW" with her encouraging message of healing and love.


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The Colombian superstar recorded the message in New York City and expressed how proud she is of the 24-year-old girl's brave fight for her life and, literally, limb, after she has already lost a few.  Copeland fell ill with the flesh eating bacteria after an accident while riding a homemade zip line near the Tallapoosa River in Georgia. The actress was so touched by Aimee's resilience that she tells her in the video message:

We always have you in our minds. We also believe you are such a strong person, we are so proud of what you are doing and going through. Hopefully I can meet you soon and give you a hug.

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Isn't that just the SWEETEST thing?! I'm super impressed by Sofia. Watch the video below!

What do you think of Sofia Vergara's message to Aimee Copeland? Share with us in the comments below!

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