How to use Pinterest to plan your wedding

When I first read that First Lady Michelle Obama had joined Pinterest, I was excited to follow along and see what kind of photos she would be posting. And Michelle Obama didn't disappoint after a picture went up of her looking stunning (alongside her new husband, sporting the happiest-grin-on-Earth, President Barack Obama) on her wedding day on October 3, 1992, in a board titled "Great Memories."

Inspired by her beautiful photo, I started looking around Pinterest (and wasting hours upon hours, of course) looking at other people's wedding photographs. What I discovered is just how easy it is to plan your wedding—so long as you have a Pinterest account and some time on your hands. Here are three ways to use Pinterest to plan your wedding (or any other party).  


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1. Create inspirational boards for EVERYTHING: Start creating boards of everything that you can think of in order to organize the ideas that inspire you. This can be anything from your actual wedding dress, to flowers, to colors, to honeymoon destinations, to dishware, to gift registry ideas, etc. Some can be just for ideas while others can actually come complete with links to purchase and a price tag (like when you're looking for that perfect shoe).

2. Share ideas with your bridesmaids and mom: Get your ladies in on all of the fun, too! If they all create Pinterest accounts, they can add things to your boards as well as view and re-pin to their own site. This might be great for the bigger decisions, like when they weight in on what their dresses should look like, to suggesting (and adding) hairstyles that they think you should go with on the Big Day. Plus, your mom (and other family members) can take a look too! Just keep it to a limited number so that not EVERYONE gives you their opinion—but some choice confidants would be great.

3. Use your Pinterest like a virtual To Do List: The great thing about Pinterest is that you can delete boards just as soon as you create them. In the beginning you'll have boards for anything and everything that you need on your wedding day. But, as you go along, you can start getting rid of the things you've taken care of. Decided on a centerpiece style? Delete! Settled on the china for your registry? Delete! Clearing away boards may be a little sad—but you'll also have a visual reminder of the things you've accomplished, as well as what else needs to get done.

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What do you think of Michelle Obama's cute wedding photo? Have you used Pinterest to plan your own wedding or other big fiesta? Share with us in the comments below!

Image via Michelle Obama/Pinterest

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