This 5th grader is smarter than half of America (VIDEO)

You know that show Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Well, it turns out a lot the world isn't least not when compared to this amazing fifth grader. Kameron Slade.


Slade was supposedly allowed to choose any topic he wanted for a school-wide speech contest, but instead of going the ordinary route and picking something any ol' kid could talk about, he (amazinglu) chose to tackle same-sex marriage. He ended up winning the contest for his class, but when he tried to give the speech in front of the school, the principal told him that it was an inappropriate topic. He informed Slade that he either had to change the subject of his speech or drop out of the competition.

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Most kids, when faced with an ultimatum like that, would've probably just given in and changed their topic. Not Slade--he decided to drop out. Luckily for us,  NY1 got him to deliver the speech to them...and it's AWESOME!

Slade talks about his experiences with same-sex marriage (his mom has friends that are gay), saying "Like President Obama, I believe that all people have the right to marry whoever they want. Marriage is about love, support and commitment, so who are we to judge?" Seriously, have you ever seen a more mature and wise?

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If I was his parents, I would be so proud! It's so heartwarming to see such a young kid have such an open mind. Adults and people everywhere, take note!

Watch Slade's whole speech here:

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on Jun 15, 2012 at 11:34 PM

In only more people allowed their child to think freely we would be a better world.  But just like that prncipal, that I imagine acted out of fear of the results those remarks would bring, and how conventional, narrowminded parents would have complained about teaching that to children, we live in a world where people try to cover the sky with their hands and think that creating taboos are doing better.  Kids need to learn to be tolerant and accept differences at early ages.  It does make a big difference.  I am proud of that kid, and for his mother for teaching him that we all should practice tolerance and not look at trivial things.

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