Would you ever let the devil jump over your baby?

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Hi I dont mean to judge Or be rude about there believes But omg are they stupid what is wrong what if the person jumping falls over the babies

Well, I can't say that I see frigthened faces, I think they are too little to really realize what is going on.  With that said, I will not do that to my child.  I don't believe in the original sin any ways, so why do something so stupid.

Superstitions are for ppl to lazy to read the bible.  It causes them to act irrational.  Its a shame that ignorance is often passed down to the next generation who will do the same to their children...


Lmao, I don't think I would ever put myself in this position or don't think my hubby would ever let me get into this, but H*ll no I would never let no dare Devil jump over my babygirl!! Imagin a strong wind come and have him land on my kid lol I would kill him and never forgive myself for laying my child down to get jump over!!


Hell no I wouldn't allow this to happen!

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