Gisele Bündchen faced 42 rejections before she became famous proving you should never give up

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen. On the one hand, I kind of hate her because she's unbelievably gorgeous, has amazing skin and hair, a loving husband (who's pretty hot, too!) and an adorable growing family (she's rumored to be pregnant with her second child).

On the other hand, she's a good role model for those of us who have ever been rejected. That's right, I said rejected.

While on a recent trip to Brazil, Gisele admitted that she was rejected by 42 agents at the start of her career. I am so incredibly amazed by her true Latina perseverance that I am inspired to try harder and not let myself fail, either.


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I mean, can you believe that the gorgeous Latina was actually rejected, EVER? I never would have thought it, that's for sure! I guess it happens to everybody but I think a lot of other people may have given up on their hopes and dreams after, I don't know, the fifth rejection? But not Gisele. She just kept going until finally lucky number 43. And now she's a superstar!

There's a lot of places that we all face rejection: our careers (a couple of my friends are job hunting and not having any luck and as a writer I've had my fair share of rejections), our relationships (well, I'm currently single…so there's that), our health (as someone who has hurt her shoulder seven times, I now consider my body my enemy) and even our families (maybe not a HUGE rejection, since we tend to stick pretty close together, but fights and prolonged silences do happen).

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No matter what rejection/challenges I face in the future, I am going to take a page from Gisele's book and JUST KEEP GOING. I mean, seriously, how impressive is that?! I honestly can't imagine being rejected that many times for ANYTHING but it's amazing to know that someone as successful as her was, and still went on to great success.

What do you think about Gisele's 42 rejections early in her career? Share with us in the comments below!

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