Dania Londoño went from being the secret service "prostitute" to a great leader

They always say "everything happens for a reason" and although I don't think the U.S. Service Secret agents who were fired for hiring prostitutes when on assignment in Cartagena, Colombia see anything positive from this whole mess, I'm sure that Dania Londoño (the Colombian who triggered this scandal) does. Her life has taken a complete 180 degree turn and now she not only has several job offers, but she has also decided to create a non-profit foundation to help all prostitutes who want to leave the business.


Contrary to other women who have gained fame from situations like this, Dania Londoño has not forgotten her former coworkers. According to a press release the former prostitute is now asking all Colombians to help her to support this project. I think this is so admirable, because after leaving the world of prostitution and receiving modeling offers, who would want to look back!? Honestly, I think very few women would do it and her behavior is exemplary.

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Let's hope she stays on this path and doesn't forget her peers and how hard it is for them, because if there's something Dania can do for all these women, it is to serve as an inspiration to stop selling their bodies and consider other options that allow them to live with dignity and far away from the everyday violence that endangers their life. Hey, when this foundation becomes a reality, at least the former secret service agents will know that their bad behavior ended in something good.

What do you think of what Dania is doing?

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