Elementary schooler with celebral palsy makes it to the finish line with help from friends (VIDEO)

Everyone needs the support of friends to get through hard times. That's just what Matt, an elementary school boy with cerebral palsy, got during a recent field day at his school. Despite that his condition makes it difficult for him to get around as easily as other kids, Matt decided to run a race during the event—and though he had a little trouble, he made it with a little help!


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As can be seen in this inspiring and tear-jerking video, Matt's energy starts to die halfway through the race but though he slows down, he doesn't give up. To cheer him on, Mr. Blaine, his gym teacher and apparently one of his best friends (how sweet is that?!), starts jogging next to him. That seems to inspire others to join him as well and by his second time around the track, Matt's classmates, many of whom have already finished the race, are walking along side him, and chanting his name. With their backing, Matt crosses the finish line to celebrate and high five his friends.

The whole thing is enough to make you cry and actually did bring genuine tears to my eyes as I watched. It's just so incredibly amazing and heartwarming to see kids really supporting each other in instances like this, especially at a time when there are so many cases of fighting and bullying in schools. I hope other kids watch this and take notes!

Break out the tissues and watch this moving video:

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