Good Day Regular People 1

Good Day Regular People

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Good Day, Regular People: This might just be one of my favorite blogs out there. Colombian Alexandra Rosas Shultze is not only a talented writer, she's a gifted story teller with many a story to tell and the best part is that she does it through humor, which make her posts not only hilarious, but super enjoyable! The other thing I love about her writing is how brutally honest she is. Alexandra's stories are so enthralling that it's hard to choose a favorite one, but you can always start in her Best Of section, where you'll find her beautiful post on how her husband proposed to her. Twitter: @GDRPempress


A Little Hut 2

A Little Hut

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A Little Hut: I've already confessed that I'm no good doing things with my hands, which really sucks when you're a mom to a little girl obsessed with crafting. In any event, Patricia Zapata's blog might just make me a convert. Well, not really, but this graphic designer and author--whose parents are from Colombia--makes the most delectable handmade projects and exploring her blog makes me yearn to be somebody I'm not. I'm seriously loving all the free dowloads, printables and tutorials she has, including this one to honor Mamis. Twitter: @Patricia_Zapata


Always Order Dessert 3

Always Order Dessert

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Always Order Dessert: First of all, how can anyone not LOVE the name of Alejandra Ramos' blog, right? Browse her blog for just a few minutes and you'll be enthralled by recipe after recipe, each looking yummier than the last. Alejandra, who is Puerto Rican, is a professionally-trained chef with a blog full of recipes that are sure to please every palate. I must say I love her cooking videos because they make me think that maybe, just maybe, I can feel like I can cook too! As a chocolate lover, I'm thinking of actually trying her delicious recipe for Dark Chocolate & Espresso Pots de Crème. Twitter:@nandita

The Truth About Motherhood 4

The Truth About Motherhood

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The TRUTH About Motherhood: Just like the name of her blog suggests, Deborah Cruz is all about telling the truth, even when it's not pretty. And we all know that for all the beauty and happiness that comes with motherhood, there's also a lot of pain and suffering. Because Debi--whose father was born in Mexico--is all about telling the truth, her posts are pretty honest too, which makes you feel like you actually know her or, at least, want to get to know her. All her posts about her recent miscarriage have been super hard to read, but beautifully written. Twitter: @TruthfulMommy