I always have a hard time writing these posts because I'm so enthralled by the new blogs I discover that I end up spending an inordinate amount of time reading them. If you ever surf the Internet, you know this can be dangerous since just clicking one link will inevitably lead you down a rabbit hole and before you know it you've been reading for more than two hours!

Anyhow, today I wanted to share with you five really awesome blogs that you should check out for yourself not only because they're well written and entertaining, but also because the writers behind them are Latinas, even though you wouldn't really know it just by reading their blogs. All the blogs listed below are hugely successful and their writers have been the recipients of numerous awards as well as extensive media coverage.

Discover: 5 Blogs you didn't know were written by Latinas

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Good Day Regular People

Good Day, Regular People: This might just be one of my favorite blogs out there. Colombian Alexandra Rosas Shultze is not only a talented writer, she's a gifted story teller with many a story to tell and the best part is that she does it through humor, which make her posts not only hilarious, but super enjoyable! The other thing I love about her writing is how brutally honest she is. Alexandra's stories are so enthralling that it's hard to choose a favorite one, but you can always start in her Best Of section, where you'll find her beautiful post on how her husband proposed to her. Twitter: @GDRPempress

About the author

Roxana A. Soto is a Staff Writer for MamásLatinas. She's a bilingual and bicultural journalist born in Peru and raised in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa and Miami. She's also mom to a first-grader and a preschooler. She loves languages, traveling and good food – especially if it's cooked by someone else.

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Thank you so much Roxana for the sweet words and feature!  xoxo

What a wonderful, surprising thrill. Thank you so very much. I am humbled and proud to be included with these superstars.
Oops! Her twitter is GDRPempress And she is not only awesome online but in person, too.
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